Uncle Vanya  

The premiere of the first story from Uncle Vanya, based on real events from the series " Ivan who remember the kinship "

There has come a significant moment for our Uncle Vanya - advertising campaign is launched in support of the first film from Uncle Vanya - "Ivans who remember the kinship ".

What is this project about? When you imagine Uncle Vanya, you immediately remember about the house from which you left for a long time, but in which you can back, about the connection of generations, about respect for relatives and friends; about how fathers and children are connected. Our Uncle Vanya bears in himself the true fundamental values of each of us - care and love, faith and tradition, friendship and family.

All this we tried to reveal in a unique project "Ivans who remember the kinship"

The aim of the project is to show on live examples that Uncle Vanya can one day wake up in each of us and say: "It is Time to return home." It was this appeal that became the slogan of our film project.

In the summer of 2017, Uncle Vanya, together with the creative group Red Pepper Film, held a contest among Ivans to collect the most interesting and unusual stories that can be turned into short films.

The feature of the contest was that the author of the story must be Ivan, and the main character of the story is called ... of course, also Ivan!

The premiere of the first story, based on real events, was chosen through an open competition of scripts. Jana Toderika from Moscow told the story of her friend, who turned into a film and was called "Goodbye, America."

The next 3 stories will be released in 2018.

We are glad to present you the first story about ordinary people living in the Siberian outback.

Home can be different for everyone, it can be in cold Siberia, on a warm coast, in the steppes or close to the capital - but it will still be your home.

And so, it's time to go home!