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Terms of Use

The present rules for the use of the site www.dyadya-vanya.ru (hereinafter referred to as the "Site") developed by "Uncle Vanya Trading" LLC (hereinafter referred to as the "Rules") determine the conditions for using the Site and establish the rights and obligations of the registered account on the Site , as well as unregistered visitors to the Site (hereinafter referred to as "Users").

After filling in the mandatory fields when registering on the site and acquaintance with the Rules, the User joins the present conditions, which, within the meaning of Art. 435 and 438 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation is the acceptance (acceptance) of the offer of LLC "DIY VANYA Trading", as well as the conclusion of an agreement that gives the User the obligation to comply with the Rules.

Actual use of the Site without registering an account in the form, in particular, viewing the placed LLC "Uncle Vanya Trading" or Users of Information is also an acceptance of these Rules.

1. General Provisions

1.1. Limited Liability Company "UNCLE VANYA Trading", OGRN 1085027007801, INN 5027137160, KPP 502701001, registered in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation at the address: 140014, Moscow region, Lyubertsy, Ogurechnaya street, house 3 performs the functions of the Site Administration (hereinafter referred to as " Administration").

1.2. The Administration recommends Users to familiarize themselves with these Rules, as well as the Policy of processing and ensuring the security of personal data of LLC "Uncle Vanya Trading", located at the LINK TO POLICY address, before registering the account (hereinafter referred to as the "Account" or the "Account") on the Site. By registering on the Site, the Site User confirms their agreement with the provisions of these Rules, and also agrees to the processing of their personal data by the Site Administration. Persons who do not agree with the provisions of these Rules or the Policy for processing and ensuring the security of personal data should not use the Site.

1.3. The rules can be changed and / or supplemented by the Site Administration unilaterally without any special notification. These Rules are an open and public document. The current edition of the Rules is located on the Internet at www.dyadya-vanya.ru. The Administration recommends Users regularly check the conditions of the Rules for changes and / or additions. Use of the Site after making changes and / or additions to the Rules means acceptance by the User of these changes and / or additions.

1.4. With respect to the functioning and development of the Site, the Administration is guided by the laws of the Russian Federation, these Rules and other special documents that are developed or may be developed and adopted by the Site Administration in order to regulate the provision of Users access to a separate functionality of the Site. The effect of the Rules is limited to the territory of the Russian Federation.

4.4. No provisions of these Rules give the User the right to use the company name, trademarks, domain names and other distinctive signs of the Site Administration. The right to use the company name, trademarks, domain names and other distinctive signs of the Site Administration may be granted only by written agreement with the Site Administration.

2. Registration on the Site

2.1. Registration of the User on the Site is free of charge, voluntary and performed at the Internet address: www.dyadya-vanya.ru

2.2. The User of the Site is an individual registered on the Site in accordance with the procedure established by these Rules, having reached the age permitted in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation for the acceptance of these Rules and having the appropriate powers.

2.3. When registering on the Site, the User is obliged to provide the Site Administration with the necessary reliable and up-to-date information for the creation of the User's personal page, including the login and password for accessing the Site unique to each User, as well as the last name and first name. The registration form of the Site may request additional information from the User.

2.4. Upon registration, the User agrees with these Rules and assumes the rights and duties indicated therein in connection with the use and operation of the Site.

2.5. After successful registration of the User on the Site, the Administration assumes the rights and obligations to the User specified in these Rules.

2.6. The processing of the User's personal data is carried out in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, as well as the Policy of processing and ensuring the security of personal data of LLC "UNCLE VANYA Trading", approved by the Administration of the Site.

2.7. The login and password selected by the User are necessary and sufficient information for the User to access the Site. The user does not have the right to transfer their login and password to third parties, bears full responsibility for their safety, independently choosing the way of their storage. The user on the hardware-software used by him can authorize the storage of the login and password (using cookies) for subsequent automatic authorization on the Site.

2.8. If the User does not prove the contrary, any actions performed using his login and password are deemed to be committed by the relevant User. In case of unauthorized access to the login and password and / or the User's personal page, or the distribution of the login and password, the User is obliged to immediately notify the Site Administration in the established order.

2.9. After registration, the User obtains the right to create, use and determine the content of his / her own personal page and the terms of access of other Users to its content for personal purposes.

2.10. The User as the owner of the information posted on his own personal page realizes that except for the cases established by these Rules and the current legislation of the Russian Federation, the Administration of the Site does not take part in the formation and use of content and the control of access of other users to the User's personal page. By posting information on the personal page, including his personal data, the User is aware and agrees that the specified information may be available to other Internet users taking into account the architecture and functionality of the Site.

3. Rights and obligations of the Parties

3.1. Rights and duties of the Administration:

3.1.1. The Administration carries out the current management of the Site, determines its structure, appearance, permits or restricts Users access to the Site in violation of the provisions of these Rules, exercises other rights belonging to it.

3.1.2. The Administration independently solves questions about the procedure for posting advertising on the Site, participating in partner programs, etc.

3.1.3. The Administration has the right:

at any time, change the design and user interface of the Site, its content, the provided functions, modify or supplement the used scripts, software, Administration content and other objects used or stored on the Site, any Applications and server applications, with or without notification to Users ;

delete without warning content that, at the discretion of the Administration, violates and / or may violate Russian law, the provisions of these Rules, the rights of Users or third parties, cause harm to them or threaten security;

at its sole discretion, delete any information (including the User's personal messages, comments to the User's photos, statuses, other information, materials), including posted by the User on the Site in violation of the RF laws or the provisions of these Rules;

delete the user's account at his own discretion, including in the event that the User commits acts that violate the RF legislation or the provisions of these Rules;

in order to collect statistical data and identify the User, establish and store information about the User's IP access addresses on the Site, use the technical information files (cookies) placed on the User's personal computer;

When using the Site, make notes to Users, warn, notify, inform them about non-compliance with these Rules. The Administration's instructions given to the User during the use of the Site are mandatory for execution by the User;

take measures not prohibited by law to protect their own intellectual rights in relation to the Site.

3.1.4. The Administration does not deal with the settlement and resolution of disputes and conflict situations arising between Users or third parties who posted information on the Site, but at their discretion can assist in resolving the conflicts that have arisen. The Administration has the right to suspend, restrict or terminate the User's access to the site in the event that a motivated complaint is received from another User about the incorrect or unlawful behavior of a particular User on the Site.

3.1.5. Appeals, proposals and claims of individuals and legal entities to the Site Administration on all matters of the functioning of the Site can be sent to: E-MAIL OF PERSONS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE ORDER ON THE SITE

3.2. Rights and obligations of the User

3.2.1. The user has the right:

place information about yourself in the User's account, add photos, statuses, evaluate and comment on photos of other Users;

send and receive private messages;

participate in promotions, contests, drawings and other events conducted by the Site Administration;

carry out other actions not related to the use of the Site, not prohibited by the legislation of the Russian Federation or these Rules.

3.2.2. When using the Site, the User is obliged:

comply with the provisions of the current legislation of the Russian Federation, these Rules and other special documents of the Site Administration;

provide reliable, complete and up-to-date data during registration, monitor their actualization;

independently take appropriate measures to ensure the security of your account and personal page and prevent unauthorized access to them by third parties (in particular, to ensure that the password is not stored in the browser, including when using cookies, if the user's computer device can be used third parties, when registering to choose a password of sufficient complexity to avoid the possibility of its selection by third parties);

inform the Administration of unauthorized access to the personal page and / or unauthorized access and / or use of the User's password and login;

not to provide access to other users to their own personal page or to the information contained therein in the event that it may lead to violation of the RF legislation and / or these Rules, special documents of the Administration;

Do not place on the personal page information and objects (including links to them) that may violate the rights and interests of others;

before placing information and objects (including, but not limited to, images of others, other people's texts of various content, audio recordings and video films), preliminary assess the legality of their placement;

not to violate in any other way the intellectual property rights of the Administration in relation to the Site or any of its elements, in particular, the User shall not copy, broadcast, broadcast, publish, and otherwise distribute and reproduce materials posted by the Administration on the Site (text, audio-video) without reference to the source of information;

keep confidential personal information (including, but not limited to, home addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, passport data, banking information and / or personal information) to other Users and third parties that are known to him as a result of communication with other Users; etc.) and information about the privacy of other Users and third parties without obtaining appropriate prior permission from the latter;

back up an important for the User information stored on his personal page;

at the request of the Administration, in connection with the implementation of these Rules, confirm their credentials, including the last name, first name, middle name, other data;

Do not post photographs on which other persons are imprinted in addition to the User, without their prior consent, except in cases when in accordance with Article 152.1. The Civil Code of the Russian Federation does not require such consent;

notify the Administration of all cases of committing on the Site in relation to the User actions that may be regarded as offensive, degrading, defamatory, etc .;

comply with other requirements and fulfill other obligations provided for in these Regulations.

3.2.3. When using the Site, the user is prohibited from:

register as a User on behalf of or in lieu of another person ("fake account") as a User. At the same time, it is possible to register on behalf of another person and subject to the receipt of the necessary powers in the manner and form prescribed by the legislation of the Russian Federation;

mislead Users about their identity, using the login and password of another registered User;

misrepresent information about yourself, your age or your relationships with other persons or organizations;

indicate when registering an account or enter subsequently knowingly false or fictitious information about yourself, in particular a foreign or fictitious name, surname;

post on the Site as their own photo images of other persons without their consent or any other graphic images that are not images of the User placing the image data, without the appropriate consent of the copyright owners (authors) of such images;

upload, store, publish, distribute and provide access to or otherwise use any information that:

contains threats, discredits, offends, defames honor and dignity or business reputation or violates the privacy of other Users or third parties;

violates the rights of minors;

is vulgar or obscene, contains pornographic images and texts or scenes of a sexual nature, including those involving minors or hypertext links to Internet sites containing such materials;

contains scenes of inhuman treatment of animals;

contains a description of the means and methods of suicide, any incitement to commit it;

associated with occult subjects and activities (magic, divination, satanism, love spells, conspiracies, witchcraft, rituals, astrology, horoscopes, etc.);

Promotes and / or foments racial, religious, ethnic hatred or enmity, promotes fascism or the ideology of racial superiority;

contains extremist materials;

Promotes criminal activity or contains advice, instructions or guidelines for the commission of criminal acts;

contains information of limited access, including, but not limited to, state and commercial secrets, information on the privacy of third parties;

contains advertising or describes the attractiveness of the use of narcotic substances, recipes for their production and advice on use;

is fraudulent;

violates other rights and interests of citizens and legal entities or requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation.

illegally download, store, publish, distribute and provide access to or otherwise use the intellectual property of Users and third parties;

use the software and carry out actions aimed at disrupting the normal operation of the Site or users' personal pages;

download, store, publish, distribute and provide access to or otherwise use viruses and other malicious programs;

use automated scripts (programs) without the special permission of the Administration to collect information on the Site and / or interact with the Site and its functionality;

in any way, including by deception, abuse of trust, hacking, trying to access the login and password of another User;

carry out illegal collection and processing of personal data of other persons;

publish material in any languages ​​other than Russian, as well as transliteration. A large number of grammatical and spelling mistakes in materials is also unacceptable and can cause the account to be blocked or the User's ability to be restricted. It is forbidden to publish materials with abusive capital letters when writing text. Capitalization of words is entirely justified in the case of the use of well-known abbreviations;

use the Site in a different way, except through the interface provided by the Administration, except for cases when such actions were directly allowed to the User in accordance with a separate agreement with the Administration;

reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, trade and resell access to the use of the Site;

place commercial and political advertising;

place any other information that, in the personal opinion of the Administration, is undesirable, does not correspond to the purposes of creating the Site, infringes the interests of Users or, for other reasons, is undesirable for posting on the Site;

carry out independently or on behalf of other Users using the functionality of their account, including by misleading or with the promise of encouragement, using any programs, automated scripts, mass one-type actions aimed at artificially increasing the indicators of the counters of the Site;

collect credentials from other Users;

use any automatic or automated means to collect information posted on the Site;

post, reproduce, reprocess, distribute, publish on the Site, communicate to the public, transfer, sell or otherwise use the content of the Administration, the User and third parties in whole or in part, which is the subject of copyright and other exclusive rights, without their prior permission, except for the cases established by these Rules, the current legislation of the Russian Federation, as well as cases when the rightholder expressly expressed his consent to the free use of his own content by any person. Uploading music, video or other content to the Site, and also posting content on the Site in another way, the User confirms that he possesses all the necessary rights for this, including the right to bring to the public. The Site is not allowed to post content if the User does not have the necessary rights to do so;

post on the Site in the public domain (on the forum, in comments and / or statuses), or send via personal messages text messages, graphics or other materials whose content is offensive to other Users or may be regarded as such, as well as messages , images and other materials that discredit Users, contain threats, calls for violence, commit unlawful acts, antisocial, immoral acts, and commit any other actions second, contrary to the principles of public order and morality;

• • place on the Site personal data, including contact information, other Users or other persons without their prior consent;

carry out actions aimed at destabilizing the functioning of the Site, attempting unauthorized access to the management of the Site or their closed sections (including those sections that are only accessible to the Administration), and any other similar actions;

to make unauthorized access to accounts of other Users by selecting or entering a password, and also to attempt such access;

Send spam - mass mailing of commercial, political, advertising and other information (including hyperlinks leading to websites with such information and / or Internet sites containing malicious software) in private messages, comments, messages on forums, personal pages of Users or carrying out other actions aimed at the dissemination of such information if the Users did not express their consent to receive such information;

post information on the Site, including in groups, promoting the promotion, promotion and promotion of tobacco and tobacco products, medicines, narcotics, strong and low-alcohol beverages;

post on the Site other information that, in the opinion of the Administration, does not comply with the policy and goals of the creation of the Site.

3.2.4. If there are doubts as to the legality of the implementation of certain actions, including the placement of information or the provision of access, the Administration recommends refraining from implementing the latter.

3.2.5. The user is personally responsible for any information posted on the Site, informs other Users, as well as for any interactions with other Users, carried out at their own risk.

3.2.6. If the User disagrees with these Rules or updates them, the User must refuse to use it, informing the Site Administration in the prescribed manner.

4. Intellectual property

4.1. All objects posted on the Site, including design elements, text, graphics, illustrations, videos, scripts, programs, music, sounds, etc. (hereinafter referred to as the "Content") are objects of the exclusive rights of the Administration, Users of the Site and other rightholders.

4.2. Except for the cases established by these Rules and the current legislation of the Russian Federation, no Content may be copied (reproduced), reprocessed, distributed, published, downloaded, transmitted, sold or otherwise used in whole or in part without the prior permission of the copyright holder.

4.3. The user posting the Content on the Site grants to other users the non-exclusive right to use it by viewing, playing, processing and other rights solely for the purpose of personal non-commercial use, except when such use causes or may harm the legitimate interests of the copyright holder.

4.4. The User grants to the Administration a non-exclusive right to use, on a free-of-charge basis, content placed on the Site and legally owned content in order to provide the Administration with the functioning of the Site in the amount determined by the functionality and architecture of the Site. This non-exclusive right is granted for the term of content placement on the Site, includes the right to process the Content by posting and for subsequent display in conjunction with the Content and / or with its use of the Content of advertising information and extends to the territories of countries all over the world. The administration is not entitled to transfer the rights specified in this paragraph to third parties without the consent of the User.

The User hereby gives his consent to the Administration of the Site to publish the User's materials (photo, video, audio, etc.) on the Site in an access to third parties.

4.5. Use of the Content by the User, access to which is obtained solely for personal non-commercial use, is allowed provided all the copyright (copyright) or other notices of authorship are preserved, the author's name remains unchanged, and the work remains unchanged.

4.6. If the User removes his Content from the Site, the non-exclusive right referred to in paragraph 4.4. of these Rules will be automatically withdrawn, however, the Administration reserves the right, if necessary, due to the technical features of the Site, to keep archival copies of the User Content within the required period.

4.7. In addition to its own Content, the User does not have the right to download or otherwise communicate to the public (to post on the Site) the Content of other sites, databases and other results of intellectual activity in the absence of the expressly expressed consent of the right holder for such actions.

4.8. Any use of the Site or Content, except as permitted in these Rules or in the case of express consent of the right holder for such use, without the prior written permission of the copyright holder, is strictly prohibited.

4.9. Unless otherwise expressly stated in these Rules, nothing in these Rules can be considered as the transfer of exclusive rights to the Content.

5. Responsibility of the Parties

5.1. The User guarantees that the posting on the Site or transmission by means of personal messages of information, content, other legally protected results of intellectual activity, parts or copies thereof, or other materials does not violate anybody's rights and legitimate interests. In case of claims of third parties in connection with violation of the terms of these Rules regarding the placement of information and / or content of third parties, the Administration has the right to transfer, within the limits permitted by law, the contact information available to the User to the persons who filed claims with a view to resolving the differences that have arisen .

5.2. The user is personally responsible for any content or information that he downloads or otherwise makes public (publish) on the Site or with his help. The user does not have the right to upload, transmit or publish content on the Site, unless he has the appropriate rights to commit such acts, acquired or transferred to him in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

5.3. The user is personally responsible for any content or other information that he places on the site or otherwise makes public on the Site or with his help. The User undertakes to independently resolve third-party claims related to the improper placement of content and information on the Site.

5.4. Administration is not responsible for possible unlawful actions of the User or third parties when using the Site. Administration is not responsible for the User's statements published on the Site. Administration is not responsible for the behavior of the User on the Site, disrespectful attitude towards other Users. Administration is not responsible for the loss of the User's ability to access his account on the Site (loss of login, password, other information necessary to use the account or personal page). Administration is not responsible for incomplete, inaccurate, incorrect indication by the User of its data when creating an account and a personal page.

5.5. Administration is not liable for the occurrence of direct or indirect damage and loss of profit of the User or other third parties caused as a result of:

use or inability to use the Site;

unauthorized access of any third parties to the personal information of the User, including the account and the personal page of the User;

statement or conduct of any third party on the Site;

delete an account, content or the termination of a certain element of the Site as a whole.

5.6. The User's claims sent to the Administration are accepted and considered subject to the indication of the current and reliable User data specified in the account. Taking into account the possible existence of accounts with similar credentials, the Administration has the right to demand the provision of additional information and information, including with respect to the User's account, which allows to determine which account the claim has entered into, or to determine the account's ownership of the person who filed the claim.

5.7. The site and its functionality, including all scripts, applications, content and design of the Site are delivered "as is". The Administration refuses all guarantees that the Site or its functionality may or may not be suitable for specific purposes and does not promise any specific results from the use of the Site and / or its functionality.

5.8. By using the Site, the User agrees that he downloads from the Site or with his help any materials at his own risk and is personally responsible for the possible consequences of using the specified materials, including for damage that this may cause to the user's computer or third parties for loss of data or any other harm.

5.9. Users are responsible for their own actions in connection with the creation and posting of information on the personal page of the Site, as well as the personal pages of other Users, in other sections of the Site in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation. Violation of these Rules and norms of the current legislation of the Russian Federation entails civil, administrative and criminal liability of the guilty person.

5.10. The Administration of the Site provides a technical opportunity to use it, does not participate in the formation of the contents of the User's personal pages.

5.11. Deletion of the User's personal page means the automatic deletion of all information placed on it, as well as all the information of the User entered during registration on the Site. After deleting the personal page, the User loses access to the use of the Site.

5.12. The Administration of the Site ensures the functioning and operation of the Site and undertakes to promptly restore its operability in the event of technical failures and interruptions. Administration is not responsible for temporary failures and interruptions in the work of the Site and the loss of information caused by them. Administration is not liable for any damage to the computer of the User or other person, mobile devices, any other equipment or software caused or associated with downloading materials from the Site or from links posted on the Site.

5.13. The Administration of the Site has the right to send to the User information about the development of the Site and its functionality, as well as to advertise its own activities.

5.14. These Regulations shall enter into force for the User from the moment of their accession to them and shall be valid for an indefinite period.