Uncle Vanya  

Uncle Vanya

Azu with marinated cucumbers by Uncle Vanya

Ingredients for 4 servings

  • Cucumbers berlin style by Uncle Vanya

    1 jar
  • Potato

    3 pcs
  • Pork

    300 g
  • Onion

    1 pc
  • Bay leaf

    1 pc
  • Tomato paste by Uncle Vanya

    2 tsp
  • Black pepper

    6 pcs
  • Cook
    80 minutes
  • Caloricity
  • 0.00 Rating
Cooking Instructions
Prepeare all ingredients.
Cut cucumbers into medium rounds and put on the bottom of the pots.
Cut the pork into cubes and fry from the all side about 5 minutes in a pan.
Cut the onion into half ring, grate the carrots and fry untill golden brown. Put in pots.
Cut the potatoes into slice and fry it about 5 minutes. Put in pots, cover tomato paste by Uncle Vanya and bake 40 minutes at temperature 200 in the oven.
Let's taste!


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