Uncle Vanya  

Uncle Vanya

Caesar Salad by Uncle Vanya

Ingredients for 3 servings

  • Cucumbers Berlin style

    1 jar
  • Lettuce

    1 pc
  • Smoked chicken

    100 g
  • Marinated mushrooms

    60 g
  • Parsley

    2 pc
  • Green onion

    2 pc
  • Crackers

    1 tbsp
  • Mayonnaise

    1.5 tbsp
  • Egg

    1 pc
  • Cook
    30 minutes
  • Caloricity
  • 0.00 Rating
Cooking Instructions
Cut the salad into large squares
Cut smoked chicken. Cut the pickled mushrooms into cubes and scatter them over the surface of the salad. Cucumbers by Uncle Vanya cut into circles
Add onion and parsley
Cut an egg into slices, lay in the center and along the contour of the dish. Add crackers. Apply mayonnaise net
Serve Caesar salad to the table immediately after preparation
Bon appetit everyone!


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