Uncle Vanya  

Uncle Vanya

Pancakes with squash spread by Uncle Vanya

Ingredients for 6 servings

  • jar of Squash spred by «Uncle Vanya»

  • flour

    400 g
  • eggs

  • butter

    100 g
  • milk with fat content 3,2–6%

    1 litter
  • tablespoons of sugar

  • spoon of salt

  • oil for frying

    to taste
  • cream for serving

    to taste
  • Cook
    25 minutes
  • Caloricity
  • 0.00 Rating
Cooking Instructions
eggs pound with sugar, add 2/3 parts milk and stir that.
Add the sifted flour, 2 tablespoons of melted butter, a little salt and stir well to avoid lumps.
Fry the thin pancakes in a heated oil-lubricated pan. Ready pancakes put in a pan or bowl under the lid.
Each pancake spread with «Squash spred by «Uncle Vanya» and roll into a tube. Serve pancakes with cream.

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